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[110421] Mnet M!Countdown // A Pink and Lita finally made their debut ! + 4Minute wins #1

Are you curious who performed this week on Mnet’s M! Countdown? Then have a look and enjoy watching the performances here!

On M! Countdown, the new girl group, A Pink, finally made their debut today. They performed their tracks, “Wishlist” and “I Don’t Know”.

Beside A Pink, a total of 3 other girl groups performed on M! Countdown today, Girl’s Day, Rainbow and 4minute.

However, there weren’t only girl bands present on M! Countdown today, but also the boy groups, Block B, Handsome People and C.N. Blue.

In addition to that, Wheesung, Brian Joo, Lita, Yangpa,Tony An, Na Yoon Kwon and more had performances today.

Thai singer called Lita who released her first single album, “Who Cares“, last month, and she has finally made her debut on Mnet’s M! Countdownthis afternoon.

Her title song “Who Cares” features a chic charm with Lita’s powerful vocals and a triple beat. The added effect of the synth sounds further creates an atmosphere of high tension that captivates listeners into addiction. The repetitive melody of the powerful chorus will surely leave an amazing impression.

This week’s charts on M! Countdown were as followed. The winner of this week’s show became 4minute.


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