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G-Dragon, “I almost fell for T.O.P.”

G-Dragon, "I almost fell for T.O.P."

Big Bang recently guest starred on SBS’ radio program, Park So Hyun’s Love Game. When DJ, Park So Hyun, asked, “Out of all Big Bang members, who is the ‘homme fatale’?”, every member chose T.O.P. G-Dragon revealed, if T.O.P was a girl, he would have dated him right away. Why?

During the talk segment of Park So Hyun’s Love Game, DJ, Park So Hyun, asked the members of Big Bang various questions like, “Out of all Big Bang members, who is the ‘homme fatale’?”
On this question, all the Big Bang members answered by pointing at T.O.P. Then G-Dragon revealed that he would have dated T.O.P without hesitation, if he was a girl. He explained, “I almost fell for T.O.P. Sometimes, while we’re traveling in the car, he plays jokes on me. But he’s really charming… If he was a girl, I would’ve dated him right then. He’s just that charming.”
“A while ago, we parodied ‘Secret Garden’, so I had a kiss scene with T.O.P. His manners were really good during filming. I wondered what women would feel around him if I felt that as a guy”, Seungri added.
Also T.O.P himself agreed with the statements of his bandmates about his charming personality. He said, “Yes. I’m the most innocent out of the members… I think.”

Park So Hyun also asked who of the members was the one to have the “most sense of justice” and who of the members was the one with the most celebrity numbers on his cell phone. T.O.P was picked as the member with the “most sense of justice”.
Seungri was revealed to have the most celebrity numbers. On this, G-Dragon stated, “Seungri has the most numbers without a doubt. Even if the four of us added up our numbers, it wouldn’t even be 100, but Seungri really has a lot.”

source : GoKpop


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