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SHINee interviewed by French newspaper “Le Monde” on “European SHINee-holics!”

One of SM Entertainment’s hottest groups, SHINee, recently had an interview with the one of France’s influencial French daily newspaper, Le Monde (The World). SHINee was interviewed by Le Monde about the “K-pop” craze that has been taking over.

The interview took place on April 20th at 3PM for 30 minutes at the SM Entertainment building in Cheongdam about the K-pop culture in France. Le Monde reporters were present to visit the Hallyu cultural experience of 54 French fans.

The Hallyu Wave has already hit China, Japan, and other Asian countries, as well as the U.S., however, this is the first time that a European fan group has visited Korea.

Before starting the interview, SHINee French fans cheered, as well as danced to and sang to SHINee songs, showing their K-pop love. SHINee finally made their appearance and sang a small part of their song, “Hello,” with the fans to the French fans’ delight. The atmosphere was high in spirits as the interview began.

Le Monde took an interest in SHINee’s debut and training up until their debut. Through this, they realized why SHINee were so popular and why their popularity has reached even to Europe. The only other Korean artist to be featured in Le Monde was BoA in 2002.

In the news video (which have been included below), fans expressed their love for both K-pop and SHINee. One fans said, “Minho, I love you! I like SHINee!”

One particular male K-pop/SHINee fan said, “What I’ve learned of them is that their professionalism is exceptional. When a French singer/group makes their debut, thy’re usually already at their capacity. [Their] singing skills, dancing skills, even acting, they always give 200% of everything.” He continues to say, “I’ve liked K-pop for 10 years. I started with Park Jin Young (JYP). [I like] SHINee, KARA, Seo Ingook, and Seo Inyoung.”

Another woman goes on to say that their songs are “very romantic and are stories of hope when it comes to love.”

SHINee also announced “SM Town Live in Paris,” which had fans cheering. The concert will be held on June 10th at “Le Zenith de Paris,” and it is the first K-pop concert to be held in Europe. Other SM artists who will be attending “SM Town Live in Paris” other than SHINee include SNSD, TVXQ, Super Junior, and f(x). BoA will not be participating due to her “COBU 3D” shoot in Toronto.

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Source: Newsen, TVXQSujuSHINee, anjutenshi and vivianlou123 via KoreaBoo


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