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SHINee’s Minho shows his support for f(x)!

Following the official release of f(x)’s first full length album, Shinee’s Choi Minho was one of the few celebrities to promote the group’s new release.

Showing his support for his juniors, Minho left a message on his me2day account with an update stating, “My…Only pretty and nice hoobae*~! f(x)!Congratulations for the 1st full-length album^^ I feel good just by hearing the news~ Pinocchio! Really hwaiting! Everyone~~~ We shouldn’t tell lie right? I’m also pinocchio~!…^^ ”

Already achieveing an “all kill” status on the charts upon its release, f(x) continues to their battle for the top spot on various online rankings. They are set to have their comeback stage this week on the 22nd of April on Music Bank as the start of their official promotions.

Source: SMTownJjang via KoreaBoo


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