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X-5 successfully debuts through their showcase

On April 20th at 6PM KST, new male group X-5 successfully held their debut showcase at Gangnam-Apgujeong, Seoul. X-5’s first single, “XENOS,” is named after the group. The ‘X’ in X-5 stands for “XENOS,” which in Greek means a foreigner, in the sense that they are from another region or state.

The members consist of the charismatic leader Ghun, the responsible Haewon, the cool breeze of the music industry Typhoon, the chic member Zin, and the innocent maknae Sulhu.

The variety that each members will bring to the stage will have fans fall in love with them, especially after they reveal their maturity on stage. X-5 have already released the first music video teaser for their debut single, “Don’t Put On An Act.”

Source: Newsen and 4everkpopgirlL5 via KoreaBoo


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