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2NE1’s Bom Cries on the Phone

2NE1's Bom Cries on the Phone

Bom had a phone call with Teddy where she revealed her feelings of happiness and relief.

Bom made her solo comeback with ‘Don’t Cry and has been able to dominate every single chart on Korea.

After her song was released online she called Teddy, who produced it, and started to cry. According to a YG representative, after Bom saw the success of her song she called Teddy to thank him for everything. Teddy mentioned that since Bom is leading the comeback of 2NE1 she had mixed feelings of relief and burden.

Despite the presence of new and old groups on the stage Bom was able to take the first place on every single site.

YG will continue with a new strategy by revealing a new song every three weeks, where Bom’s solo marked the first step.

It must have been difficult for Bom to have the pressure of the name and fame of 2NE1 while releasing her song this time, however the great response was able to ease hear fears, and demonstrated once more the 2NE1 has a great power.

source : Gokpop


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