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4minute’s Ga Yoon Presents her Slim Body Secrets

4minute's Ga Yoon Presents her Slim Body Secrets

4minute is back and their great bodies are calling the attention of fans.

It has been revealed that befor their comeback the girls have followed strict guidelines, like a special diet, so they can lose weight and have the great bodies shown in their stages.

Hyuna mentioned that they only eat low-calorie food and ignore the diet trends so they can stay slim and sexy.

They mentioned that Ga Yoon is know for her small ankles, that can even be wrapped by a woman’s hand.

She said that she never had fat on her ankles and that her tall stature also helps a lot. Ga Yoon revealed that that are even smaller than elementary student’s ankles.

Lastly she shared a secret for her firm buns, which only needs a chair.

“Lay down by the chair and put your feet on it, and with your legs, raise yourself repeatedly in order to strengthen the muscles of the butt. It’s really effective. And it’s nice because you can read a book or watch TV while doing it.”
source : GoKpop

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