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Dal★shabet’s Vicky Injures Leg

Dal★shabet's Vicky Injures Leg

Dal★shabet’s leader, Vicky, was reported to have injured her leg. She said she felt severe pain.

Because she felt severe pain in her leg, Vicky sought medical advice and was told that the reason for her pain was inflammation of her tendons. Though, she denied to get hospitalised in order to continue with the promotions of Dal★shabet.
She said, “They said I got inflamed tendons. Because of this, I felt pain in my leg. I didn’t go to the hospital due to our busy schedule these days, but it didn’t seem to be a serious thing. However, it’s hard to dance with high heels.”

Vicky is now the 2nd Dal shabet member that has to suffer leg injuries. Some time ago, her bandmate, Ga Eun, was hospitalised due to her knee injury. On Vicky’s situation, Ga Eun joked, “I think I’m the source of the illness.”

source : GoKpop


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