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f(x)’s Victoria reveals two faces for High Cut

f(x)’s leader, Victoria, showed off two different faces for High Cut, ‘Dark-toria’ vs. Lovely Victoria. Recently, she received attention when she filmed an ad for Estee Lauder lipstick, revealing two completely opposite characters, like black and white.

In the first picture, Victoria wore a mini black dress that exposed her shoulders. She used eyeliner to emphasize her eyes and spread coral pink lipstick on her lips, giving off a sexy and alluring image. In contrast, in the second photo, Victoria wore a white dress. Her make-up changed into the face of a girl who was pure and lovely. Her lipstick emphasized her sheer, pink lips.

Even professional models were inferior to the perfect eyes and facial expressions. Victoria’s ad cuts and her beauty secrets will be revealed on April 21st, in the 52nd issue of High Cut.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Watch the teaser to the ad below!

source : KoreaBoo


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