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After School’s Jung Ah Praised for “X-Line” Figure

After School's Jung Ah Praised for "X-Line" Figure

When netizens saw the recent photos of After School’s Jung Ah (above), they were really impressed by her “X-line” figure and praised her a lot.

Recently, various photos of Jung Ah showing off her “X-line” figure have been circulating in the internet, and catching much attention of netizens.
On these photos, you can see Jung Ah’s long arms and legs as well as her tiny waist, which form a perfect “X-line”. Thanks to these photos, Jung Ah has managed to join her bandmates, UEE and Kahi, in the group of the so-called “body terminators”.

Netizens, who saw these photos, asked about her diet in order to get this figure and pointed out that all the members of After School have slim bodies and height.
“After School’s true line is Jung Ah! Finally seeing the light!”, one netizen commented.

Meanwhile, After School is about to make their comeback on 29th April.

source : GoKpop


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