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Se7en Gets Movie & Drama Offers

Se7en Gets Movie & Drama Offers

Singer, Se7en, is not only attracting attention with his musical skills, but now also with his acting skills. It has been reported that he received various offers for dramas and movies recently.

According to various people from the movie industry and YG Entertainment, Se7en has been getting drama and movie offers lately. “Se7en is a strong candidate for the main role of a movie about the growth of a hip-hop singer which is in the genre of comedy/drama”, one of the persons from the movie industry revealed.

However, Se7en won’t accept the offers as he is working on his comeback, which is planned to be late in 2011. YG Entertainment stated, “It’s true that there are some offers coming in for dramas and movies, but we plan to place efforts first and foremost on the new album which we are preparing for the 2nd half of this year. We are still considering carefully about acting.”

Source : GoKpop


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