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f(x): Almost Named Miyaho?

f(x): Almost Named Miyaho?

In a recent interview on the program “Entertainment Relay”, f(x) discusses various ideas they had for group names before their official debut.

Following their “Pinocchio” comeback, the girls of f(x) held an interview on KBS’ “Entertainment Relay”, in which they discusses various topics relating to before the group’s debut back in 2009.


Perhaps the most interesting segment revolved around the girls discussing what group names were considered before they debuted as f(x).

During the interview, the girls were asked, “Was there potential team name other than f(x)?” To which the girls responded, “There were actually a variety of group names that we could have chosen from. We had considered names like ‘The Bomb’, ‘Flowers’, and ‘Miyaho’ – because it sounds similar to a cat’s ‘meow’. At one point we even thought about introducing ourselves with ‘Hello! We are Miyaho!’ and making a cat’s meowing sound while posing cutely.”

Member Victoria also has a cute moment when she gives a shout out to her “We Got Married” partner Nichkhun of 2PM, when she greets him, “Nichkhun, I’m on ‘Entertainment Relay’!”

Check out f(x)’s interview on “Entertainment Relay” below:

It seems like f(x) did manage to incorporate the past idea of “Flower” into their name, as the “f” in f(x) stands for “flower”, while the ‘x’ represents the x in the female chromosome.

What do you think? Did f(x) end up with the right name to fit their funky fresh image?

Source : GoKpop


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