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Big Bang Wins Music Bank’s K-Charts

Big Bang Wins Music Bank's K-Charts

Today KBS released the results of Music Bank’s K-Charts, which weren’t announced last Friday on the program. Big Bang made it to the number-1 spot with their song, “Love Song”, from their special edition.

Last week, KBS’ Music Bank celebrated its 600th episode by presenting some special stages in addition to the artists’ regular stages. One of these special performances was the “Lies” stage by the legendary band, G.O.D, who once again came together to celebrate the special day on Music Bank. Beside that, idol groups covered songs by BoA, Shinhwa and more.

Due to this special episode, the results of last week’s K-Charts were ommitted. They were arranged though, and KBS announced the results on their website today.
The top 20 were as followed.


Big Bang got the winner of last week’s K-Charts with their song, “Love Song”, followed by C.N. Blue with “Intuition”. K.Will ranked with his track, “My Heart Is Beating”, on the 3rd spot, while girl group, 4minute, was on the 4th spot with “Mirror Mirror”. Girl’s Day were placed on the 5th spot with “Twinkle Twinkle”.

Source : GoKpop


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