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Dalmatian’s Dari Army Enlistment on April 25th

Dalmatian's Dari Army Enlistment on April 25th

Dalmates be ready for some tears since it has been officially announced that Dari will enlist on April 25th.

Dalmatian’s company, IS Enter media Group, sadly said that from now on Dalmatian will promote with only 5 members, while Dari spends 2 years in the Army. They also requested fans to protect Dari during this time and wait for his comeback.

Check their message below and


Hello, this is IS Enter media Group.We are sorry to write up an announcement that delivers sad news for Dalmates. Dalmatian’s Dari will be suddenly enlisting tomorrow on the 25th. First off, we are sorry that news articles have gotten out before we were able to deliver the announcement.

For now, Dalmatian will be promoting on official broadcasts and various events as 5 members.

Please leave lots of supporting messages from your heart on the café for Dari who has had a heavy heart. A long but short 2 years, please protecting Dalmatian’s Dari till the end.

Thank you.

You can leave him a message on his Facebook, his official cafe or twitter.

Fans will certainly be sad about this sudden announcement but it is impossible to avoid the mandatory service. We just need to wait, and on the meantime support all the members of Dalmatian.

Finally if you are wondering about the other members Day Day and Daniel (Drama) are exempt since they are American-born Koreans. Inati is also exempt due to his medical condition. Lastly Jisu and Young Won will have to enlist, but in the future since they are not of age yet.

Source : GoKpop

Remember to visit GoKpop for more news about Dari’s enlistment.


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