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f(x) and TVXQ Show their Friendship

f(x)’ Victoria updated her me2day with a photo of f(x) and TVXQ backstage of KBS’ Music Bank on 22nd April.

f(x) leader, Victoria, updated her me2day after their comeback stage at Music Bank on 22nd April. She posted the following message along with a photo showing f(x) together with their seniors, TVXQ.


뮤 직뱅크 첫방송!!!!! 너무 많이 떨렸었는데 여러분 진짜 많이 응원해 주셔서 무사히 잘 끝났어요. 너무 감사 드립니다!^^ 동방신기 선배님 마지막방송이라 아쉬운데 저희 응원 많이 해주시니 더욱 열심히하는 f(x) 될게요~여러분도 많이 사랑해 주세요~^^

Music Bank’s first broadcast!!!!! We are so nervous but thanks to everyone for the support, we ended the stage well!^^ It’s too bad that TVXQ-sunbaenim had their last performance but because they came to support us, we, f(x), will work harder~Everyone, please, give us a lot of love~^^

Source : GoKpop


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