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JYJ brings the concert excitement from Bangkok to Taipei

The heat JYJ began with in their opening concert in Bangkok was sent over to the “Taipei Dome” in Taiwan just today, continuing their shows their world concert tour. The overall performances by the three members of JYJ captivated audiences and the excitement continues to swell as more concert stops are eagerly awaiting their respective shows. The first two concerts in Bangkok attracted 20,000 fans, showing JYJ’s popularity.

The minute the three members of JYJ appeared on stage, fans went crazy. The three members danced and sang to their well-known songs. Along with various stage lightings, the charisma, and with the arena that was filled with fans, the atmosphere was filled with the fans’ excitement for JYJ.

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong continued his role as director of concert production with the concept of “Creative Challenge.” It successfully united the audience in harmony in the last Bangkok concert, and Kim Jaejoong’s charm as the group’s stage director is garnering positive attention from fans and concert goers alike.

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JYJ said, “Since it’s been so long for us to meet our Asian fans, thus we try our best to prepare for this performance. After we wrap up the concert in Beijing, China on May 7th, we will get ready thoroughly for our U.S. tour.”

JYJ’s shows in Canada and the United States kick off on May 20th starting from Vancouver, and then head to New Jersey, Los Angeles, and San Jose before they will return to South Korea after over 3 months of their world tour to have a final concert.

All information related to the world tour concert can be accessed through CJeS entertainment website http://www.jyj3.com and their official facebook.

Are you excited to see them tour in North America?

Source: Kmomnews, TVBS, Sharing Yoochun via KoreaBoo


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