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SHINee Prepares for Their Japanese Debut With New Hairstyles!

SHINee Prepares for Their Japanese Debut With New Hairstyles!

The members of SHINee are getting ready for their May debut in Japan with fresh, new hairstyles.

SHINee’s upcoming Japanese debut has almost arrived, and fans’ anticipation is rising with each new bit of information released!

On April 21st, a production engineer for the mastering studio Sonic Korea dropped a major hint by tweeting “In the middle of mastering SHINee’s new Japanese debut single!”

Ans this week, a SHINee fan community uploaded images of Taemin and Key with new hair colors – red and blond, respectively, as seen below:


Members Minho and Onew were also seen in the April 23rd broadcast of MBC’s “Music Core” with new, darker hairstyles:


Jonghyun’s new look has yet to be seen, but the group will be making their Japanese debut next month, in May, so Shawols around the globe will soon get to witness SHINee’s revamped image in its entirety.

Source : Gokpop


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