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X-5 Admire TVXQ

X-5 Admire TVXQ

The rookie group, X-5, talked about the goals the want to achieve revealing that they like to become like TVXQ in the future.

During a recent press conference, boyband, X-5, was asked about the group they admire the most and they would like to become like in the future. They responded to the question by naming TVXQ and said they want to achieve this goal by showing their uniqueness.

They want to go on stage with their very own style in order to make everyone able to differentiate them from other groups. “Our goal is for people to think ‘This is obviously X-5’s song’, they emphasized.

The 5-member boyband under Open World Entertainment, X-5, debuted with their 1st single titled “Xenos” on 21st April.

Source : GoKpop


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