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Art of Movement reveals “Jay Park’s Birthday Song” ft. Elmo and Lil Wayne

Jay Park recently turned 24 years old (April 25th) and JayWalkers decided to trend #HappyBirthJay and #HappyJayDay to celebrate. But JayWalkers aren’t the only one that are having fun celebrating Jay Park’s birthday. Art of Movement (AOM), a dance crew that Jay Park is currently a member of, is also celebrating and released a special birthday song for fans.

AOM member, Cha Cha Malone, updated his Twitter on April 26th and said, “Thank you everyone for showing all the love you do and most importantly thank you @JAYBUMAOM for showing me the light. Love y’all. Birthday song will be uploaded shortly! Haha, it’s pretty funny, but more of a personal humor, but i’ll share with everyone loll.”

On top of Jay Park’s official mini-album release, “Take A Deeper Look,” and music video for his title song, “Abandoned,” JayWalkers are surely having quite a day. Cha Cha revealed the song through Twitter after uploading it on Youtube. “Here’s @JAYBUMAOM ‘s song by me @JuniorAOM @Hep_AOM @GilAOM206 Peatry, Elmo, and Lil Wayne (Not Really Him) LOL Enjoy our goofiness!#Clownin”

The Youtube video also includes a download link for fans. AOM member left a message for both fans and Jay Park on the Youtube video, saying, “We gave this to Jay yesterday in private, but he was totally fine with us sharing it with you all. Don’t take this seriously, we’re just being the goofy homies that we are. Happy Birthday Jay! Sorry we ain’t in Korea with you, to celebrate. See you soon bro!”

The song was produced by Cha Cha Malone, and was written by Junior Orduna, Hiep Do, Gil Umali, and Peatry Park. Cha Cha Malone has already produced songs for Jay Park, including “Speechless” and “Bestie.”

How do you like the “Jay Park Birthday Song”? Happy belated birthday Jay!

Source: Koreaboo


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