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B1A4 receives explosive response from international fans

Rookie group B1A4 has been gathering interest from overseas fans, setting a wave of interest in South Korea’s music industry.

Shortly after B1A4’s debut performance on MBC’s Music Core, the group rose to #1 on various real time searches, as well as trending worldwide on Twitter.

Their official homepage and fancafes all over the world in the U.S., England, Canada, France, Spain, Brazil, and various others helped spread their unfamiliar band name to more than 110 countries. The site had over 2,000 visits from overseas and is still being flooded with curious music fans.

One fan account claimed the audience members were surprised to hear that overseas fans had gone so far as to fly to Korea by plane in order to personally go watch the first debut performance on the 23rd, showing their overwhelming enthusiasm to support.

Posted Image

Also, on YouTube, the music video for their title song “OK” gained a total of over 30,000 views, while the debut performance on the 23rd had gathered a view count of over 10,000. Other videos related to B1A4 received hot responses from fans as well.

Their agency responded, “They’re still rookies who have recently debuted but since they are receiving such huge interest from Korean fans and of course, the foreign fans, the members are all dazed about this. They will do their best to work hard to repay their fans by showing good sides of themselves.”

Source: TV Daily and Flight B1A4 via KoreaBoo


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