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Ex-After School member Yoo Soyoung addresses bullying rumors + reveals real reason for withdrawing

Ex-After School member Yoo Soyoung has revealed the real reason why she left After School for the first time.

In 2009, Yoo Soyoung announced her departure after finishing promotions for After School’s second single, “Diva.” Despite After School’s increasing popularity, Yoo Soyoung still left the group, which became a huge shocker to fans.

When Soyoung left, netizens began speculating that Soyoung was being bullied or that there were problems between her and Pledis Entertainment. Despite leaving the group over a year and a half ago, Soyoung has not participated in any individual activities and for this reason, rumors of bullying and feuds with Pledis are still regarded as a fact.

In an interview with Star News, Soyoung revealed the real reason for withdrawing from After School for the first time.

Soyoung said, “Many people think I left the group due to bullying. It’s not true, there was no bullying. I feel very sorry to the other members that people think they bullied me. There was no bullying and it was not the reason why I left.”

After finishing promotions for “Diva,” Soyoung studied acting for a period of time. Soyoung said, “When preparing for my debut, practicing singing and dancing for a short 2 to 4 hours was extremely tiring. However, 2 to 4 hours of acting lessons was interesting to me, as the hours felt like a mere 5 minutes. My major is actually acting and I wanted to be an actress, not a singer.”

She continued, “To make my dream of becoming an actress reality, I withdrew from After School. Separating from the members was a very painful experience. I thank all of them,” and “Even now, I am still in contact with the members, especially Jooyeon and Jungah. Also, I still keep in touch with Raina, who was still a trainee at the time.”

During this time, Soyoung has been studying acting at Joongang University’s Theatre Department. Soyoung will make her acting debut in KBS’s new drama “Women In Our House” alongside TRAX’s Jay and Jung Eunchae.

Source: Star News via KoreaBoo


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