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f(x) Amber found withdrawal rumors funny

f(x)’s Amber recently revealed her perspective on withdrawal rumors. She had suffered a serious ankle injury last June while promoting “Nu ABO” and returned home to Los Angeles in order to recuperate. Consequently, Amber was no longer seen with the f(x) members in CFs, concerts, and other events, leaving many fans wondering if she had withdrawn from the group.

In an interview with Sports Daily, Amber confessed, “I heard the rumors while I was recovering in LA, and I found them very funny because I knew I would be returning to f(x) once I recovered. Whenever I saw the other members perform on TV, I kept on thinking of the day I would go back and perform with them. I tried to speed up my recovery and maintain my skills by enrolling in a dance academy.”

She added, “It’s been such a long time since I’ve performed on stage with my members, and I hope to make this even more memorable by taking home the top prize in a TV music program. I also hope the fans enjoy our new performances.”

f(x) is currently promoting and enjoying the popularity of their successful full-length album, “Pinocchio.”

Source: Sports Daily via KoreaBoo


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