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Jay Park’s “Abandoned” MV is Out

Jay Park's "Abandoned" MV is Out

The long wait for Jay Park’s music video is finally over. He just released the music video for his title track, “Abandoned”, from his comeback album titled “Take A Deeper Look”. Check it out!

Following his teaser, we finally get to watch Jay Park’s full music video for his brand new track titled “Abandoned” from his 1st mini-album, “Take A Deeper Look”, for which he worked as singer-songwriter.

Jay Park once again shows off with his charismatic look and his great dancing skills in his “Abandoned” MV.
Fans who already watched the video commented like, “This song is awesome!”, “The choreography is so sick, just wanna dance like that” or “Jay Park is awesome. This song is awesome.”

So now it’s time for you to watch Jay Park’s “Abandoned” MV and tell us your opinion on it!

Beside that, Jay Park has launched a new YouTube account.

Source : GoKpop


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