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Shinhwa Denies Comeback Rumours

Shinhwa Denies Comeback Rumours

Recently, there have been many rumours circulating that Shinhwa are set to make a comeback. However, these have been denied by their representatives.

The Korean media has been discussing the possibility of Shinhwa’s comeback since Kim Dong Wan’s discharge from the army in December last year.

Fellow Shinhwa members Jun Jin, Lee Min Woo and Andy are also set to complete their mandatory military service later this year, and rumours have been circulating that a comeback would be scheduled for as early as January 2012.

However, representatives for the members recently confirmed with Star News that there is no truth behind these suggestions.

‘It is true that the members have been making positive discussions on the topic of their promotions next year, but there aren’t any official plans for a new album yet. Rumors of their comeback are unfounded.”

The members, of course, hope to make a comeback as early as possible, but because they are all pursuing solo activities, and because they are all under different agencies, it’s something that must be approached carefully.

Regardless, we’re absolutey sure that Shinhwa will be coming back together.’

Source : GoKpop


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