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Yong Hwa Clarifies Rumors With Goo Hara

Yong Hwa Clarifies Rumors With Goo Hara

Korean rock band CN BLUE appeared on KBS-2TV’s “Happy Together” and clarified the rumors circulating between him and KARA’s Goo Hara.

The show shown a photo of him and numerous girl group members and a photograph of him and Goo circulated online. In the picture, the two are looking at each other with title, “Goo touching Jeong’s chest,” “Are they an item?”

Happy Together MCs said, “No wonder the rumor spread,”and asked for an explanation.

Yong Hwa then explained, “We did an entertainment program together and we knew each other all along. In this photo, she jokingly hit me in the chest area and that was captured.”

Then Dal★Shabet’s Ah Young and Serri said they saw Jeong getting cozy with Sulli of f(x), saying to her, “You’re not giving me chocolate?”

He again explained, “She’s just like a sister to me. I used to have good feelings toward her but we became close like a brother and sister while hosting a show together.”

Yong Hwa denied all rumors that he’s a lady’s man.

Source : GoKpop


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