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Yunho’s Sister Confesses She was Abandoned by her Brother

Yunho's Sister Confesses She was Abandoned by her Brother

Yunho introduced his sister for the first time on a TV show, where she made a shocking confession about her brother.

The name of Yunho’s sister is Jung Ji Hae, and during the show she mentioned that once both of them were at the school festival where she was in charge of the introduction, while her brother had the final solo.

She continued saying that after she finished her part she asked Yunho where she should wait for him, and he replied that she should wait at her classroom.

Actually she waited there three hours and Yunho would not appear. Suddenly he arrived out of breath since he returned home and forgot about his sister.

Ji Hae mentioned that she was actually hungry, cold and sleepy and became scared of classrooms. She ended up asking him to reflect upon his actions.

Yunho was a bit embarrassed and once again shared with the public that he is a forgetful person. He also seemed bit regretful about the fact that he forgot about the only person he shouldn’t and also was sad since he was not able to protect her because of his career.

Every single Cassiopeia in the world have heard the stories about him being forgetful, but Yunho is also really caring and must feel pretty bad since he can not be with his family the whole time.

Source : GoKpop


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