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5dolls Eunkyo, miss A’s Suzy, and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri pose together at their high school’s library

Recently, an online community bulletin board posted a group photo of 5dolls’ Eunkyo, miss A’s Suzy and Girl’s Day Hyeri at school.

In the photos, the three students from Seoul’s School of Performing Arts (SOPA) are seen wearing their school’s yellow jacket and black skirt while showing their cute “V” pose. The photo has also garnered a lot of attention for their bright hair colors, especially Eunkyo’s red and Suzy’s blonde hair, that are usually not allowed in normal schools.

Besides noticing the variety of the school girls’ hair colors, netizens commented about their awkward expression and pointed out that f(x)’s Sulli also studies there.

But in the photo, there are also two young men with blurred faces. Upon further investigation it was discovered that these two students are magician Ha Jaeyong and actor Lee Ilmin.

Posted Image

Lee Ilmin has appeared in dramas like MBC “Assorted Gems,” and most recently, in KBS “I Believe in Love,” which is currently airing. Meanwhile, the 17 year old Ha Jaeyong performs his magic acts around the world and has won numerous awards as one of the best magicians.

The group photo was taken on April 22nd during an important visit to the school, where 36 delegates received a tour of the facilities and were also able to meet some of the school’s stars at the library and take photos with them.

Take a look at some of the photos below.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

From the looks of it, we could say that SOPA might be the closest thing to a real life Kirin Arts High School like KBS “Dream High”, don’t you think?

Sources: Ilgan Sports and berseo


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