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American Producer Teddy Riley Praises Big Bang & TVXQ

American Producer Teddy Riley Praises Big Bang & TVXQ

Producer, Teddy Riley, attended SBS’ Inkigayo Super Conert in Jeju Island on 21st April, and talked about the influence K-Pop is having worldwide and praised the boybands, TVXQ and Big Bang.

The American producer, Teddy Riley, has already worked with world stars like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and more. He entered the Asian music market producing Jay Park’s song titled “Demon” and rookie girlgroup, Rania’s debut mini-album.

Last week, Riley visited Jeju Island to watch Rania’s performance at SBS’ Easter special, Inkigayo Super Concert, which aire on 24th April. However, not only Rania was his focus of attention, but especially the boybands, TVXQ and Big Bang, catched his interest, even backstage before their performance.
After seeing TVXQ‘s performances of “Before U Go” and “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”, Riley commented, “After seeing their passionate performances, I can see why TVXQ is one of the best boybands in Korea. Their music and performance radiated energy.”
He expressed his impression on Big Bang by stating, “This group has the potential to grow beyond Asia.” Beside that, Teddy Riley was seen conversing backstage with Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, who is fluent in English.

At the end of the show, Teddy Riley said, “I was deeply moved by the performances. I’ve heard a lot of stories about K-Pop and its popularity throughout, but I was able to see for myself the enormous influence it has. I believe K-Pop will continue to achieve great success throughout the American and European market. I was extremely happy to see my group, Rania, performing among K-Pop’s best.”

He also revealed that he is planning to join Rania on stage soon.

Source : GoKpop


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