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[Breaking] Cube Entertainment announces G.NA’s official fanclub name

Since her debut last year, G.NA’s fans did not have a name to identify themselves as her fans. G.NA made her debut with “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better” and released her first full-length album “Black & White” early this year. The female soloist’s popularity has risen since the time of her debut.

Cube Entertainment had announced that fans could chose the name of G.NA’s fanclub and fans began to make suggestions. After voting, Cube Entertainment has finally revealed G.NA’s official fanclub name through G.NA’s fancafe.

G.NA fans can official identify themselves as G.NIs!

This is CUBE Entertainment.

For a while there was much interest given towards the fanclub name.
Now we are able to reveal it for the first time.

We thank all of those who entered in the fanclub name contest and participated in voting,
and because G.NA’s fanclub name is one that everyone has chosen
please show that much more affection and love^^

G.NA’s fanclub name has been decided to be ” G.NI (genie) “.

Just as the meaning behind the fanclub name is to assist Miss G.NA in achieving her dreams,
please be an amazing fanclub~!!!!

And Miss G.NA was said to be extremely happy to hear that she had a name for her fanclub and that so many fans were interested~!!

To ‘YeoGinaShin-nim’ who came up with the name G.NI (Genie),
we will give G.NA’s signed CD and a polaroid photo.

From now on, as G.NA’s fanclub G.NI (Genie), you must support G.NA more~!!

G.NA & G.NI FOREVER ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Source: royalgna and G.NA’s Fancafe via Koreaboo


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