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[Breaking] SISTAR reveals 1st project group, “SISTAR 19”

Girl group SISTAR will have their 1st project group called “SISTAR 19.” This project group has come to a surprise to many. This is the first sub-unit from the group since their debut in 2010 with their song, “Push Push.”

SISTAR 19 will consist of rapper Bora and main vocalist Hyorin. They will release their first digital single, “Ma Boy,” on May 3rd.

To tease fans, SISTAR 19 has released their first image teasers of the duo. One of the black-and-white images include Bora and Hyorin sitting on a couch with wavy long hair and giving off a provocative look.

SISTAR 19 refers to a 19 year old woman who is within the boundaries of a girl and lady. The theme is to show the purity and the uneasy stage during that age. In order to help others feel that, Hyorin and Bora have melted their emotions and love into the song and have created this name.

Netizens responded to the teasers with praises such as, “I can’t take my eyes off Hyorin and Bora” and “I can’t take my eyes off their legs.”

Concerning the name of the project group, netizens commented, “Does 19 refer to the underage admission of shows for those over 19,” “Does this mean they will show the purity of a 19 year old.” Many other meanings were discussed regarding the number, 19.

Starship Entertainment said, “SISTAR 19 will feature Hyorin’s explosive vocals and Bora’s solid rapping, and will show a different feel from other girl groups.”

What do you think the number 19 mean? Are you looking forward to SISTAR 19?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: Newsen via Koreaboo


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