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Brian Joo Will Have Online Chat with Fans

Brian Joo Will Have Online Chat with Fans

Singer, Brian Joo, announced to have an online chat with his fans on Friday. Do you want to chat with him as well? Then get more information on it here!

Brian Joo presents his fans. They get the great chance to chat with Brian Joo personally this Friday. Once you join the chat, you will be able to ask him your questions and tell him everything you always wanted to tell him.

Details on this online chat were posted on Brian Joo’s official website. Take a look at the following!

안녕하세요 젤리피쉬엔터테인먼트입니다.
Dear Fans.
지난번에 예고 드렸던 것처럼, 브라이언씨와 채팅을 할 수 있는 기회를 마련하였습니다!
As we mentioned before, we are preparing to online chat with Brian.

일 시
Date & Time
2011년 4월 29일 (금)
29th April 2011, Friday
한국어 채널 18:00-19:00
Korean Channel 18:00-19:00
영 어 채널 20:00-21:00
English Channel 20:00-21:00

채팅은 서로 다른 채널을 사용하여 한시간씩 진행 될 예정이며, 채팅창 주소는 당일 채팅 시작 30분 전에 공지해드립니다 ^^ (한국어 채널 17:30, 영어 채널 19:30) 언어의 사용만 다를 뿐이지 입장은 가능하십니다!
Chat using a different channel will be conducted one hour and chat address announcements on the day 30 minutes before it will start. (Korean Channel 17:30, English Channel 19:30) And anybody can join that online chat room without language.

이곳 브라이언 공식 홈페이지 http://www.brianjoomusic.com 회원분들만 참여가 가능하십니다. 꼭 회원가입을 해주세요.
Only the members of Brian’s official site can join in this chat. So please join the Brian’s official site.

많은 참여 부탁드립니다!
Join please!

So keep an eye on Brian Joo’s official website!

Source : GoKpop


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