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Lim Jeonghee releases teaser images for upcoming mini album

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment released two image teasers for Lim JeongHee’s new mini album titled “Golden Lady” at her official website.

Through the teaser images, the solo singer is seen showing a different appeal from the image she portrays on tvN’s hit show “Opera Star,” where she usually wears fancy dresses while showcasing her amazing singing skills.

In one of the photos, Lim Jeonghee is sitting in a sofa while wearing a white shirt showing a sexy yet innocent look. In the second teaser, she is shown with a more flamboyant and distinctive look.

After the release of her photos, Lim Jeonghee showed her excitement on Twitter and asked for everyone to look forward to her second mini album to be released soon.

Lim Jeonghee’s second mini album, “Golden Lady,” was created under the supervision of Bang Shihyuk and is expected to be released on May 9th.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Sources: Osen, Big Hit Entertainment via KoreaBoo


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