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miss A celebrates their 300th day since debut and Fei’s birthday

April 27th was an important day for miss A as they celebrated their 300th day since debut and the 24th birthday of their “big sister” Fei.

On this day, the members took their celebration to their Twitters and Weibos. The first one was Min who tweeted, “300 days since miss A were born!”, and later wrote, “Today is Wang Fei’s birthday – Please join me in congratulating her with ‘happy birthday!’”

Birthday girl, Fei, tweeted in Korean, Chinese and English, “It’s my first birthday after miss A debut. And today is the 300th day after debut. Yayyyyyyy so happy,” and gave thanks for the gifts and the pretty cake she received.

Suzy also congratulated Fei writing on Twitter, “Today is Fei unni’s birthday!!!!! Glad you were born. ‘Thank you big sister forever~~~XD’.” After congratulating Fei, she tweeted about miss A’s 300 days since debut expressing her gratefulness and saying that time seemed to go by really fast. She also asked everyone to wait patiently for hard working miss A.

Meanwhile, Jia shared a photo of Fei and her on Weibo, referring to themselves as “an old married couple” and wishing for Fei to get younger, while wishing her a happy birthday.

Both the group and Fei received many congratulations from JYP Nation members and other celebrities like Kan Minyoun, G.NA and BEAST’s Kikwang, who made a cute mistake wishing happy birthday to Jia instead of Fei, but then fixed his mistake and wrote that he felt bad for Jia because it was actually Fei’s birthday.

Fei was born on April 27th, 1987, turning 24 (25 in Korea) and miss A debuted back on July 1st, 2010 on Mnet “M! Countdown” with their hit debut track “Bad Girl Good Girl”. Currently, the group is working on the finishing touches for their upcoming album release in May.

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Posted Image

Sources: Star News, @UltimateAdora,@missA_min, @missA_fei, @missA_suzy, @missA_jia, Weibo and @B2stGK via KoreaBoo


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