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SM Entertainment to build theme park “M City PFV”

Imagine condominiums named after BoA and TVXQ, or a star zone where SNSD holds fan meetings… those will soon become reality at “M City PFV” thanks to Fides Development and SM Entertainment.

On April 26th, it was revealed that a special K-pop entertainment theme park would be constructed by Fides Development and SM Entertainment. Marketed as being a unique union between property development and entertainment, the theme park aims to promote visual culture and entertainment-related tourism.

Until now, property development had only partially taken culture into consideration, but this is the first time that the entertainment industry has directly pursued property development.

The first project will begin on a 35,894 square meter property in Saejae district and is hoped to be completed by next year. The 888,186 square meter property that will be home to multi-unit complexes for the promotion of visual culture tourism will be located in three different districts.

In addition to the aforementioned condominiums and star zones, other notable features of the theme park include indoor studios, spas, water park, performance halls, and more.

The target audience of the theme park are tourists from throughout Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

Are you interested in going to this theme park?

Source: Joins via KoreaBoo


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