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SNSD adds 3 more concert stops for their Japan tour

SNSD will soon be embarking on their first Japan tour following the release of their 3rd single, “Mr. Taxi.” According to Sankei Sports, SNSD originally were going to visit four cities with seven concerts planned. They have now added three additional concerts to the original seven, for a total of six cities that the popular girl group will visit.

It was reported by Sankei Sports that over 300,000 fans were competing over the 60,000 tickets available for their tour. This has lead to the two additional cities to be added, Yokohama and Hiroshima.

The Yokohama concert will be held on June 4th and 5th at the Saitama Super Arena, while the Hiroshima concert will be held on July 2nd at the Green Arena.

SNSD’s first stop will be Osaka on May 11th.

SNSD’s single, “Mr. Taxi,” was just released and already hit No.2 on the Oricon Daily Chart with 40,194 units sold following Korean singer and actor Jang Geunsuk.

Source: 10Asia via Koreaboo


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