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Seo In Young reveals teaser images for “Love-Elly Part.02” digital single

Seo Inyoung has revealed her first image teasers for her upcoming digital single “Love-Elly Part.02” and her title song “Wash.” The teasers show a very interesting jacket photo as Seo Inyoung is submerged underwater like that of a mermaid.

It is known that it took Seo Inyoung 14 hours to shoot the jacket photos for her upcoming single-album and she was submerged water of a depth of 5m. Despite the difficulties, it was said that Seo Inyoung did not complain.

Star Empire, Seo Inyoung’s agency, said, “Seo Inyoung doesn’t know how to swim, so she was very nervous entering the water. But because this an important scene for her title song ‘Wash,” she was overcame her fears and produced a very unique album photo. The photos express the feelings of a woman who has been abandoned. She must treat her own wounds of her breakup. The track ‘Wash’ gives off the dark appeal of Seo Inyoung’s unique voice and will surely leave an impression on listeners. We’re hoping fans will give her much love and attention.”

The music video teaser will be revealed on May 3rd and will be followed by the digital release of her single, “Love-Elly Part.02” with her title song “Wash.”

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: Newsen via koreaboo


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