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Dal Shabet Appointed as Shin-Chan Ambassadors

Dal Shabet Appointed as Shin-Chan Ambassadors

Dal Shabet was recently named the ambassadors for the Japanese cartoon character “Shin-Chan”, or the popular animation “Crayon Shin-Chan”.

E-TRIBE’s rookie girl group, Dal Shabet, was recently named as the official ambassadors for the popular Japanese cartoon character, Shin-Chan, of the animation “Crayon Shin-Chan”, in honor of his newly released movie “The Storm Called my Bride”.

Dal Shabet and the precocious character Shin-Chan were first associated after a certain part of their choreography in “Supa Dupa Diva” was candidly named the “Shin-Chan Dance”. Also, in a recently conducted survey, the group was appointed as the top choice for the “most loveable and girl group that goes well with Shin-Chan.”

The girls themselves have also expressed their love for Shin-Chan, with statements such as “Shin-Chan is so cute that I want to date him”, “I will surely go to the movies to see Shin-chan!”

Thus far, Shin-Chan has proved to be sufficiently popular in Korea thus far. In 2009, the movie “The Singing Buttocks Bomb” was released during the Chuseok season and recorded over 140 thousand viewers. It is expected that his upcoming movie will attract similar popularity, reaffirming the “Shin-Chan Power”.

Source : GoKpop


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