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f(x)’s “Pinocchio (Danger)” MV hits 3 million views

f(x)’s “Pinocchio (Danger)” music video has finally hit the 3 million mark on Youtube! “Pinocchio (Danger)” is the first title song off f(x)’s first full-length album of the same title, which was released on April 20th.

The “Pinocchio (Danger)” music video was released on SM Entertainment’s Youtube channel on April 19th and just after 10 days, the music video has surpassed the 3 million view mark. It is currently at the 3.2 million views. It also achieved this month’s most viewed, most discussed video, and has been ranked one of the top rated videos. f(x) has been getting hot reaction from fans both from home and overseas, and has generalized great interest since their comeback to the Korean music scene.

“Pinocchio (Danger)” is an addictive song by f(x) that characterizes each of the member’s unique charms and fashion. Their unique choreography and fashion on stage have caught the attention of netizens.

f(x) made their comeback last week on KBS Music Bank and withing a week of their comeback, had their first win and K-chart last night on KBS Music Bank since their debut.

source : Newsen, sment, Koreaboo


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