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Jay Park Sings English Version of “Abandoned”

Jay Park Sings English Version of "Abandoned"

After Jay Park released his mini-album, “Take A Deeper Look”, and the music video for his title track, “Abandoned”, lots of fans expressed their wish Jay Park to release an English version of the song. Jay Park noticed this wish and uploaded the English version of “Abandoned” for us.

Yesterday, Jay Park uploaded a video message on his official YouTube Channel singing the English version of his brand new track, “Abandoned”.
He revealed that this song’s lyrics were originally written in English and that the Korean version of it was written after the English version. However, Jay Park never got to record the English version, but he sings it for us, who want to cover it or just wonder how it sounds like.

Have a listen to the English version of “Abandoned” below!

I remeber the day,
When you said to me,
Baby, I’m sorry but right that I just got to leave
Then I remember it seeing was you turn your back
Seeing you turn your back
Your lovely lovely back
How could you do me like that
You were my world you my other half
You took my love and flushed it right down the drain
Now all I’m feelin’ is pain and now there’s no way to save it why

You’re the one who call it quits and than just walked away
Everytime I close my eyes I can just picture your cold face
And the way you did me so wrong it was like no other pain
I was madly in love with you but you were just playin’ games oh

I’m usually the type to move on to the next one
Gone to the next one but, girl, you’re the best one
Got me twisted, can’t accept that you moved on
Girl, where have you gone, why’d your feelings go lukewarm

I know you’re so bad for me, I’m in pain but you just laugh at me
It’s such a tragedy, I want you back with me even though I know you’re bad for me

You abdoned straight up like I was a warehouse
So there are a couple of things that I wanted aired out
You taking that love from me you don’t even have the common courtesy
To know that you’re hurtin’ me it’s so abserd to me
Baby, how could you just get up and leave

Source : GoKpop


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