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JYP gives surprise preview of miss A’s new song

miss A fans have received an unexpected preview of the girls’ new song from the big man himself, JYP.

On April 28th, JYP tweeted that he had just landed in Los Angeles for recordings. Fans were unsure about what recordings he was referring to, but many guessed that they had something to do with either the Wonder Girls or himself.

The next day, he revealed that he had worked on miss A’s new song and was currently working on 2PM’s. He also said that on Saturday it would be time for Wonder Girls new music, and on Sunday he would leave Los Angeles, but not before he was going to work in a “secret project.”

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for JYP to tweet about it as he also surprised everyone by uploading a video of him at the studio with Grammy winning mixing engineer Manny Marroquin, who has worked with artist like Whitney Houston, 2PAC, Alicia Keys, Usher, Kanye West, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and many more. JYP’s excitement was so big that he decided to give his me2day followers a taste of miss A’s new song, action that had some commenting if he had gone crazy.

Major details about miss A’s comeback haven’t been revealed other than the fact that they will return in mid-May. May is just one day away, and it looks like the teasing is about to start with JYP throwing the first rock. From the really short preview of the track, where JYP’s intro and the word “goodbye” can be heard, one can tell that it will be an upbeat track different from both “Bad Girl Good Girl” and “Breathe.”

Check out JYP’s me2day video below.

Are you guys excited for this new JYP production?

Source : @jypnyc, @followjyp, n3ssachanWG, Koreaboo


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