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MBLAQ’s Mir Becomes a Tour Guide While Cheon Dung is a Turtle

MBLAQ's Mir Becomes a Tour Guide While Cheon Dung is a Turtle

Every episode of Sesame Player bring a new surprise and the leads this time were Mir and Cheon Dung.

Even though Mir is not part of the show, once in a while he shares a video or phone call. This time he was walking around his hometown and introduced his family members. HE was so cute asking his mom about the name of the King’s statue, which he revealed used to scare him while he was younger.

On the other hand, Cheon Dung and G.O were walking around when they suddenly found a cute rabbit. As Cehon Dung tried to get closer and `play with it, the cute rabbit kept running away from him, showing that thunder was almost as slow as a turtle. At one moment he almost caught him, but ended up with his hand covered in a ‘gift’ from the rabbit. Since G.O was making fun of him, he decided to follow him around to share the gift.

Check the video and enjoy their sweet cuteness.

source : GoKpop, mlipuffycheeks @ youtube


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