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Seo Taiji’s fans express their sorrow and offer words of support

On April 30th, Seo Taiji apologized to his fans through a short message on http://www.seotaiji.com. In response, fans have been leaving notes of consolation as soon as his message was published, creating a heartwarming sight.

As of the afternoon of April 30th, fans are flooding http://www.seotaiji.com with encouraging messages. One such fan commented, “Your heart must be hurting terribly as you wrote that. I feel so sorry that I can’t be a pillar of support for you. My heart tore as I read your message.”

Another fan commented, “You have been with me for twenty years. Whatever the world does to you, please don’t lose your faith. If you’re crying today l’ll cry with you; but from tomorrow onwards, let’s smile together. I’m sorry I can’t give you a hug or do anything other than to leave this message.”

Aside from these, various other comments read along the lines of, “We’re okay; I hope we can meet again” and “I’m worried for you.”

Seo Taiji previously stated, “I wish I could return to being just Jung Hyunchul and lead an common life, where I can marry someone ordinary and raise our children together. When things become more certain I’ll let my fans know first, and I hope to receive your blessings. When I think of you guys I feel plaintive and apologetic. It’s the first time I have so many mixed feelings. I’ve learnt many things from this experience.”

source : Osen


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