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Touch returning with new mini album?

Boy group Touch was supposed to make a comeback at the end of April, but the comeback got postponed for an unknown reason. It seems that recordings might have taken up more time as they thought because instead of the single album that was revealed earlier on, Touch may be returning with a whole new mini album.

“Too Hot 2 Handle” will feature at least 5 songs. Its title track “Rockin’ the Club” is the same song as the one they were going to promote at first. More information about the upcoming album hasn’t been revealed, though we can be sure they will be coming back next month as the group themselves revealed this through their official Twitter.

The group will be coming back with a different line-up than when they debuted. Member Minsuk is currently taking care of his health issues, while Dabin left the group and management company and has already joined another company. He will be debuting with another boy group in the future.

Touch’s management group YYJ Entertainment said, “In the case of Dabin, the tone of his voice did not fit well with the team and agreed to leave the group. Minsuk has other health issues to tend to, and for now, he will not be participating in TOUCH’s second mini-album promotions.”

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source : @yyjtouch


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