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Who is the Guitarist Performing with Park Bom “Don’t Cry”?

Who is the Guitarist Performing with Park Bom "Don't Cry"?

Are you curious who the guitarist is, who performed together with 2NE1’s Park Bom her song, “Don’t Cry”, on yesterday’s broadcast of YG ON AIR? We will tell you…

Yesterday 2NE1’s Park Bom had her live session through YG ON AIR, and she sang the acoustic versions of her solo songs, “You & I” and “Don’t Cry” accompanied by a talented guitarist.


Who is this guitarist?

It is Suh Won Jin, who used to perform as Rumble Fish’s guitarist until he was introduced by Kush to the YG Family. Suh Won Jin’s first collaboration with an artist of YG Entertainment was for GD&TOP’s songs titled, “Baby Good Night”and “Oh Mom”. The most recent tracks, in which you can listen to his playing guitar skills are Big Bang’s “Love Song” and the live version of Park Bom’s”Don’t Cry”.


Let’s pay more attention to those around our favourite stars because they try as hard as those in the centre of our attention!

source : Music Naver, GoKpop


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