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Jung Yong Hwa Reveals His Mistakes As MC

Jung Yong Hwa Reveals His Mistakes As MC

During his appearance on SBS’ ‘Strong Heart’, C.N. Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa confessed that he made lots of mistakes as MC for SBS’ music program, Inkigayo, and shared the story of one of his mistakes.

C.N. Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa is a former moderator of SBS’ Inkigayo. Some month ago, he had to depart from Inkigayo due to his activities with C.N. Blue.
On his recent appearance on SBS’ ‘Strong Heart’, Yong Hwa admitted, “I’ve made lots of mistakes when I was the MC [of Inkigayo]. I have rightfully lived the nickname of the ‘Nuisance MC’ from the moment I was appointed as MC.”

Then he told an event which occurred during his time as MC. He revealed that he once shouted out the name of the winner of the week’s Mutizen even though the results weren’t announced yet. “There are 7 nominees for the Mutizen. [Big Bang’s] Taeyang was the first on the list [back then]. For a moment I mistook this as the winner’s announcement. I even congratulated him for winning”, he said.

After Yong Hwa congratulated Taeyang for his supposedly win of the Mutizen, even f(x)’s Sulli, who has been an Inkigayo MC as well, congratulated Taeyang. Recalling this moment, Yong Hwa unveiled his thoughts at that moment, “The only possible way out of this is that Taeyang actually wins the Mutizen.”

Thereupon he announced, “Fortunately he did win the Mutizen.” Due to this accident some questioned if the MCs already know the winner of the week, but Yong Hwa explained that this is not the case.

After listening to Yong Hwa’s story, Lee Seung Gi, who was an MC for Inkigayo once as well, said that Yong Hwa isn’t the only one making mistakes and revealed, “I said, thank you for watching [KBS’] Music Bank [two years ago].”

Source : GoKpop


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