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JYJ files lawsuit against Avex Entertainment

We previously reported that Avex Entertainment had released a statement regarding JYJ’s charity concert. In it, Avex stated that their company had exclusive contract rights with JYJ and that they were not informed of the charity concert.

JYJ has filed a lawsuit against Avex Entertainment for interfering with their attempt to hold a charity concert. After filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, they had planned to hold a charity concert in Japan to aid the earthquake victims. But the concert venues have all canceled their contract with JYJ after being pressured by Avex.

JYJ’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment and concert organizer, Zak Corporation have filed two preliminary dispositions against Avex Entertainment in the Tokyo District Court for Avex’s continuous interference in JYJ’s activities.

Avex signed a contract with JYJ in early 2010 after JYJ filed the lawsuit with SM Entertainment. A few months later, Avex announced the “suspension of activities” of the three members, arguing JYJ should refrain from promoting in Japan while legal proceedings against SM Entertainment were under way in Korea. The “suspension of activities” has stopped JYJ from doing any promotional activities in Japan. However, Avex has continued to profit from things such as their CD and DVD sales.

Source: DBSKnights via koreaboo


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  1. What the heck with all this matter? Why oppadeul have to suffer too much??? ~,~
    Hiiiiiiiiiinnng not fair

    May 9, 2011 at 12:44

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