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New Girl Group Ei-Yo’s “Stay Out of Sight” MV Teaser

The “Stay Out of Sight” MV teaser has received explosive interest by netizens regarding new group girl, Ei-Yo’s premier debut!

The members consist of main vocalist Shim Eunmi (left), rapper Oh Hana (right) and ex-ulzzang model Kim Seulmi. The trio dreamed of becoming music artists through out their lives, and now after long years of practice, they are finally making their debut.

On their agency’s side, HWIAD Entertainment released their teaser video which unexpectedly received a great amount of attention faster than Ei-Yo had time to build up their identities. Through the company’s homepage and Ei-Yo’s Nate C-logs, etc., their unique lip teaser of “Stay Out of Sight” was released. Stay tuned for more on this upcoming group!



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