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SM Entertainment Bought Rights to f(x)’s “Pinocchio (Danger)”?

SM Entertainment Bought Rights to f(x)'s "Pinocchio (Danger)"?

Back in 2009, Albanian-American recording artist Kristine Elezaj was working and creating a demo version of her song “Razor.” Her demo video of her producing the song had surfaced recently and many netizens argued of the similarities of f(x)’s new comeback song “Pinocchio (Danger).” In truth, SM Entertainment had bought rights to the song, and reproduced it as their own.

In the videos below, you can see which parts SME sampled and recreated to produce what is now f(x)’s song of “Pinocchio (Danger).” From the beat to even the English lyrics of the song, the original production of the song had a natural flow to it.

What do you think of Kristine Elezaj’s “Razor?”


Source : GoKpop


2 responses

  1. zef

    Razor is nota demo and its owned BY Ms. Kristine Elezaj as to where are you getting you info from SME or is it from Kristine camp? hand in cookie jar think the girl is getting ripped off and false info you should be ahshamed your self.

    ITS the same SONG HER song they copied IT

    May 7, 2011 at 11:31

  2. zef

    here is like to razor it show more the song in joy http://youtu.be/M0Lb–HLFrI

    May 30, 2011 at 12:43

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