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Various Korean Artists to Reschedule Japanese Activities

Various Korean Artists to Reschedule Japanese Activities

It has been announced that various idols who had originally planned to hold promotional events in Japan this May will be rescheduling the events following the devastation caused by the recent natural disaster.

Korean idols such as 4minute, BEAST, CN BLUE, amongst many had planned various promotional activities in Japan this May, however, due to the recently natural disaster, all upcoming events have either been rescheduled or extended.

In regards to the development, Cube Entertainment, most noted as the agency of 4minute and BEAST, stated on April 24th, “We had originally planned to focus on promoting in Japan during the month of May. However, because of the massive amount of damage Japan as sustained, and the many areas that are still in the process of recovery, we have decided to reschedule the dates for our Japanese promotions. As of now, we are still in discussion as to when we will actually reschedule these events for, and will have to consider the situation for a more extended period of time.”

So, while it seems that Japanese promotions planned for May will not be cancelled, they are, as of now, on a indefinite hiatus for many K-pop idols.

Source : GoKpop


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