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JYP asks for forgiveness for Wonder Girls’ delayed album

After giving a surprise preview of miss A’s new song, JYP has surprised everyone once again by expressing how sorry he was for the past delays on Wonder Girls’ English album.

On April 30th, he wrote on Twitter that the girls have been working with the world’s best songwriters, artists, and companies; things haven’t exactly been going his way since these big names of the industry are busy people, therefore, the process of making the album was delayed.

JYP continued to say that if everyone saw who they were, then people would understand and forgive him. Lastly, he said to expect a lot from the album, which is almost finished.

His tweets about the matter seem to come after a long day working with the Wonder Girls’ music in Los Angeles. He had previously tweeted that after working on miss A’s new song and 2PM’s on Friday, he would work on Wonder Girls’ music on Saturday, followed by a “special project” the next day.

What do you think of JYP’s words?

Source: @followjyp, Fantastics and @shmesmx3 via koreaboo


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